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Handmade Truffles
Serious chocolate is what we offer — truffles made of deep, rich chocolate and natural flavors. Gayle’s signature truffles are handmade in small batches using only premium chocolate, heavy cream, and sweet butter to create a classic ganache center. It is Gayle′s belief that chocolate IS the flavor, so the variations below are subtle additions to the best flavor on earth.   >>

Classic Chocolates
Gayle`s Classic Chocolates are reminiscent of chocolates from years past. Made with natural ingredients like local Michigan cherries and maple syrup and using antique molds, we offer old-time favorites like caramel, peanut butter, and toffee, as well as updated combinations and seasonal treats.

Boxed Assortments
Gayle’s Chocolates are available in a variety of boxed assortments that match similar flavors, offer a variety of tastes or focus on a specific product. Our modular trays allow combinations of 9, 18, 25 or 32-piece assortments. Do you want to select your own assortment of favorites? Call us directly at (248) 398-0001 and we’ll pack and send them to you!

Gayle′s Tins
Gayle’s tins are the perfect alternative to the ubiquitous “basket.” Order up to four at one time and we’ll stack them and tie them together with matching satin ribbon—creating an impressive and festive tower.  All Gayle`s tins are high quality and meant to be reused. Eating chocolate and using renewable resources . . . does life get much better?   >>

Only at Gayle′s
These are unique chocolate creations from Gayle herself. Some, like the chunky pretzels, are a new look at a traditional favorite. Others, like the Video Mix™ and Haute Cocoa Cups™, are signature chocolate confections found only at Gayle’s Chocolates. From the Junk Food™, which commemorates an infamous battle with the city, to the Zen of Chocolate and the high heel shoe, Gayle’s creativity shines through these unique products.

Gifts For Her
Gentlemen: we’ve done the thinking for you. Women love chocolate—so indulge them and purchase truffles, classic chocolates or any of the great options at Gayle’s Chocolates. She won’t be disappointed and, chances are, neither will you!   >>

Gifts For Him
Men enjoy chocolate as much as women do, so we’ve assembled some ideas for the guy on your gift list. With the many shapes and flavors available at Gayle’s Chocolates, we’re sure to have the special chocolate that will tantalize his taste buds.   >>

Chocolate Bars
Gayle’s Chocolates produces our standard 2.5-ounce bar in nine flavors using high cocoa content chocolate, salted and roasted nuts and other natural ingredients. All of our chocolate bars are hand molded—while other companies are limited to one additional ingredient by their machines, Gayle′s can create any number of tantalizing taste combinations. Our signature combination—milk cherry pecan—celebrates our Michigan roots and is available in several sizes with festive seasonal wrappers.   >>

Prepacked Favorites
Do you have a Gayle′s favorite? Many of Gayle′s most popular products are available in convenient ToGoPacks. They′re perfect for snacks, dinner and "thank you" gifts, and are the perfect size to sneak into a movie theater. So skip the exhorbitant concession prices and order a couple ToGoPacks instead!    >>

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