Chocolate Shoes
It’s the perfect punctuation mark for bridal showers, women’s business events and girlfriends that deserve that little something extra; the high heel shoe in the clear purse is a stylish and sassy gift. For the golfers you know, the Oxford shoe is a great gift—and it won’t leave spike marks on the linoleum.   >>

Chocolate Animals
Gayle has a soft spot for animals, so we render them in loving detail from traditional molds. Take a bite from a fierce orange tiger, chocolate marshmallow polar bear or delightful milk chocolate penguin and feel the animal in you leap forward. Grrrrr!   >>

Chocolate Cars & Trucks
With Detroit in our backyard, we couldn’t show our face on the street without offering a selection of cars, boats and planes—all molded with our premium chocolate with white and dark accents. Do you know a chocolatier that makes a chocolate cement mixer? Nope . . . we can’t think of one either.   >>

Chocolate Sporting Goods
From golf to bowling and fishing to pool, you pick a sport or activity and we probably have it in chocolate. It’s a great opportunity to purchase a special gift that really speaks to the recipient and the sport or hobby they love.   >>

Chocolate Flowers
Sure you can water them, but eventually flowers dry out and die. Save the aggravation and buy a bouquet of chocolate flowers . . . they look good, smell great and taste incredible. Beautiful as centerpieces for weddings, they are the perfect gift any time of the year!   >>

From Baby to Graduation
It’s a long but rewarding journey from baby to adulthood and we have all the bases covered. Chocolate baby bottles, “It’s a boy/girl” candy bars, our graduation bears . . . and several birthday items in between. Gayle’s Chocolates will help you celebrate the milestones of life.   >>

Chocolate Celebration Items
Anytime is a good time to celebrate, and there′s no better way to celebrate than with good chocolate—it makes even the most mundane event a party. Gayle’s Chocolates has a number of items that will make the event that much more special.   >>

Chocolate Novelties
Chocolate Molded Novelties are always a hit, whether you choose a set of chocolate teeth or a chocolate slot machine.  If you do not see what you are looking for, call our flagship retail store in Royal Oak, Michigan at 248-398-0001.

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