Chocolate Boxes
From small Christmas trees to stars and clocks, our chocolate boxes have a size and spirit to suit any occasion. Each is filled with plenty of treats to share; chocolate almonds, nonpareils, and truffles are just a few of the favorites concealed under the lid of these fanciful creations.   >>

Chocolate Pinatas
Piñatas are traditionally paper mache figures filled with candy and smashed open by children. Well, why should the kids have all the fun? Here is a selection of large hollow chocolate figures for every season, each filled with delicious treats. Anyone have a hammer handy?   >>

Boxed Chocolate Items
Boxed items include our fondue kit—a great gift for couples or evenings with the kids—great boxes of chocolate favorites. Great for corporate gifts, office parties, family reunions, or anywhere you want a beautiful selection of chocolate treats.   >>

Gift Baskets with Chocolate
Gayle believes that the "basket" should be durable and re-useable, so she creates baskets from tins, hat boxes, storage cabinets and leather magazine racks. Each basket is filled with Gayle′s favorite chocolate treats—great for a family or as a corporate gift.   >>

Chocolate Baby Items
Usher the little one into the world with the gift of chocolate, and spread the good news to everyone. From baby Oreos and candy bars to beautiful chocolate strollers and bassinets, we`ll help you celebrate the bouncing bundle from birth through the first step.   >>

Chocolate Religious Items
Mitzvahs, communions, confirmations, holidays . . . there are many religious events that occur and Gayle`s acknowledges them with chocolate yarmulkas, foiled menorahs and cross Oreos.   >>

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