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Custom Branded Products

Custom Branded Products

When it comes to using chocolate as a corporate sales tool, Gayle's cannot be beat. The Gayle's web site offers not only great products and information but also an unusual "your logo here" opportunity

Custom Web Interfaces

In todays corporate world, it is customary to leave a token from your company behind with your client at the end of a presentation. Often, it's a corporate brochure; sometimes, the company mug filled with jelly beans. Whatever it is, the intention is to keep your company front-of-mind with your prospect. We believe that our chocolate products are original enough to do just that.

The challenges are two-fold: how much chocolate do you need on-hand, and how do you get your company's name on it? The answer - buy what you need, when you need it, from a web-based selection of branded chocolate products.

At Gayle's, we create completely custom chocolates for our corporate clients. These often include custom boxes, ribbons, molds, flavors, hang tags and a host of other variables.

Once the products are designed and branded, they can be accessed through a web-based interface that extends from Gayle's web site. These password-protected areas are available 24/7 from anywhere you can reach the web. Your far-flung sales staff or event managers simply log in; select and purchase branded chocolates on a credit card (which easily separates corporate cost centers); and lets the Gayle's staff ship them to an office, conference center, or other location anywhere in the United States.

The costs for this service are nominal the flexibility, branding alternatives and ease-of-use make it an exceptional marketing tool for your company.

Contact us today at sales@gayleschocolates.com for more details.

Custom Web Interfaces

We can set up an e-commerce area for your company with products to aid your staff with promotions, corporate gifts and other items. Costs for this service are nominal and include:

  • Initial site development, which includes up to four products with descriptions and photography, layout and site management: $400.00
  • If appropriate photos and descriptions are supplied by customer: -$200.00 from total
  • Additional photos and descriptions (each): $100.00
  • One page PDF file detailing the items and their prices for e-mail distribution to clients staff: $200.00
  • Set-up costs for custom hang tags, labels, or other artwork: $100.00

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