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Custom Logo Chocolate Bars

Custom Logo Chocolate Bars

Custom bars are a great way to promote your business, reward your customer or present a favor to your guest. You may select any Gayle's chocolate bar of your choice and we will wrap it in foil and enclose it in a glossy white wrapper with your name, logo, message or event printed on it. Cost effective and delicious, these chocolate gifts are well-suited for giving to groups of people.

Wrapper Specifications

The standard wrapper is output on a gloss white cover stock with an inkjet printer, enabling us to offer full color printing for our custom wrappers. Type, logos and even photographs can be utilized. The standard pricing (below) includes printing and creation of the custom artwork providing the artwork is submitted in an appropriate format. We can accept JPEG or TIFF files for photos (300 dpi resolution), and have best results with vector-based Adobe Illustrator files (AI or EPS formats) for symbols and logos. PDF is also an acceptable format if the file is saved from a vector-based application. Artwork that requires extra work will be subject to a $35.00/hour design fee.

All custom wrappers require a $100.00 printing fee to cover costs for layout, a PDF proof, revisions and printing. A 50 cent per bar charge will be assessed for wrappers requested without, "Gayle's Chocolates," included on the front of bar wrappers.

Foil colors

Silver foil is included in our standard pricing and we are able to offer a variety of colored foil options upon request at an additional cost.


Our chocolate bars are available in the following ten flavors: milk, white, dark, milk toffee, milk almond, milk cherry pecan, dark almond, dark peppermint crunch, dark orange almond, and dark coffee toffee. Other combinations are available for orders of 500 bars or more.

Custom molds

Gayle's works with master mold makers to produce molds for custom candy bars. If you have a logo or corporate symbol that you'd like re-created in chocolate, we can do that for you. A one-time fee of $350 - $500 applies to all custom bar molds.


Please allow four weeks from the time we receive your approved artwork and deposit for delivery of your custom bars.

How to order

Please click here to contact our staff, or call us at (248) 398-0001.

Sizes and pricing with "Gayle's Chocolates" included on front of bar

1.2 oz. Business Card Bar

100 - 249$3.30 each
250 - 499$3.00 each
500 - 999$2.85 each
1,000 - 2,499$2.65 each
Over 2,500 bars?  Call for a quote.

SIZE: 3-3/8 IN. X 1-7/8 IN.
Note: because of the thickness of this bar, it is only available in solid chocolate.

2 oz. Small Square Bar

100 - 249$3.85 each
250 - 499$3.35 each
500 - 999$3.15 each
1,000 - 2,499$3.00 each
Over 2,500 bars? Call for a quote.

SIZE: 2-1/4 IN. X 2-1/4 IN.

2.5 oz. Gayle's Standard Bar

100 - 249$4.10 each
250 - 499$3.55 each
500 - 999$3.40 each
1,000 - 2,499$3.20 each
Over 2,500 bars? Call for a quote.

SIZE: 3 IN. X 1-7/8 IN.

3 oz. Medium Rectangular Bar

100 - 249$4.40 each
250 - 499$4.00 each
500 - 999$3.75 each
1,000 - 2,499$3.55 each
Over 2,500 bars?  Call for a quote.

SIZE: 5-1/4 IN. X 3-3/8 IN.

5 oz. Medium Square Bar

100 - 249$7.70 each
250 - 499$6.80 each
500 - 999$6.45 each
1,000 - 2,499$5.80 each
Over 2,500 bars?  Call for a quote.

SIZE: 4-1/4 IN. X 4-1/8 IN.

10 oz. Large Rectangular Bar

100 - 249$9.85 each
250 - 499$9.20 each
500 - 999$8.80 each
1,000 - 2,499$8.10 each
Over 2,500 bars?  Call for a quote.

SIZE: 5-7/8 IN. X 4-5/8 IN.

1lb. Rectangular Bar

100 - 249$18.15 each
250 - 499$16.35 each
500 - 999$15.60 each
1,000 - 2,499$14.85 each
Over 2,500 bars?  Call for a quote.

SIZE: 8-5/8 IN. X 5-5/8 IN.

3 lb. Square Bar

100 - 249$40.00 each
250 - 499$36.00 each
500 - 999$34.20 each
1,000 - 2,499$32.49 each
Over 2,500 bars?  Call for a quote.

SIZE: 9-1/4 IN. X 9-1/8 IN.